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This article is obsolete and retained for historical purposes. The mechanics or policies behind this article have changed to the point where this article is no longer useful and the page is no longer maintained.

Security status: Developed externally and hosted internally
API access: Optional
Runs on:
windows, linux, osx
Used for:


TeamSpeak is a voice chat program that is no longer used, and players should go to the Mumble page instead.

TeamSpeak is handy even if you don't have a microphone because you need to be able to hear the op leaders giving orders. It's virtually impossible to fly in an op without TeamSpeak because we will be telling you where to go and when to jump with TeamSpeak and not with the in-game text chat.


As a utility we no longer use, pretty much the only reason to have this installed is if you're a spy or part of another gaming community that uses it for some awful reason.



Connect as registered. Use your GF forums name and ESA provided credentials ( Having problems? Check the sticked thread here. Read the box below carefully. Note : Teamspeak does not accept long password as the forum does. So if you have a long password and being rejected by TS, make it smaller.

What to put in the Nickname box:

  • GF - Stupid Newbie
  • Replace "Stupid Newbie" with your GF forums name
    • (That is GF, space, dash, space, forums name. Do it exactly like this).
  • Not doing this will make you the object of scorn, ridicule, and repeated kicks until you learn your lesson.



  1. Visit and complete the form
  2. Use the username and password you created previously when connecting to the server listed above.
  3. Set your TS nickname with your alliance tag (like *ZAF - Shardrael*, that is tag, space, dash, space, forums name. Do it exactly like this).

Downloading and configuring TeamSpeak

You can download TeamSpeak from (Macs: ). The version you want is version 2 not version 3.

Once you've downloaded it, run through the installer and fire it up. The first thing you need to do is click the Settings menu and open Sound Input/Output Settings as shown:


Now you need to switch from voice activation mode to push to talk mode. This is so we don't get treated to the sound of you breathing, coughing, barking, or masturbating. Just check the appropriate ratio button and set your push-to-talk key. You should probably test it now to see if it works and adjust your volume levels. Just hold down your push to talk key whenever you want to talk and release it after. Note that it's a good idea to only release your push-to-talk button a second after you've finished speaking; let go too early and lose the last word.

ATTENTION FAGGOTS: DO NOT BIND THIS TO SOMETHING THAT YOU WILL ACCIDENTALLY PUSH OVER AND OVER AND OVER, SUCH AS: shift, alt, ctrl, left mouse button, or any other mongoloidish keysetting. Make it something easy to push but not anything that you normally push in the course of playing the game. (As you can see below I use mouse button 2 - that's my mouse wheel so I just have to push down my mouse wheel (If you use Firefox and use the mousewheel to open new tabs don't use it for Teamspeak too!)) You WILL get booted from teamspeak and yelled at A LOT. THANK YOU.


Now you need to connect to the GoonFleet server. There are two ways to connect, either by using quick connect or regular connect. I'll be going over how to use regular connect here because it's easier. Open the Connection menu and hit Connect.


The local address book should appear. Right click anywhere in the left pane and click Add Server. Call it something like "Eve" or "GoonFleet", type in the address from the top of this post, enter your ingame name (please prefix your name with "GF - " as shown since some of our allies use this server and this identifies you as a GoonFleet member, this will be referred to as your corp tag), select registered mode, and enter your Goonfleet forum username and password. The server is now saved in your address book so you can just double click it or hit the connect button to connect.


Hit connect and you'll reconnect to the server. If everything went well you'll be connected as a registered user. You can now move yourself to any registered channel by double clicking the channel name.

For configuring your mic just follow the images...






TeamSpeak Etiquette


Please please please for the love of god, DO NOT TALK WHILE OTHERS ARE TALKING. There is a minor delay in teamspeak, sometimes up to two seconds, but if you start talking, and someone else starts up, and you both keep talking, it's impossible to make out anything.

Generally, faggotry can be permitted, especially on something like a mining op where twitch reactions and precision aren't necessary. On a defensive or offensive op, when we need everyone to be on the ball, shut up unless you have something immediately relevant to say, such as "three battleships just jumped in from m2." That's important. "A shuttle just warped in from m2" is less important. Save that for fleet chat.

DO NOT GIVE ORDERS unless you are the fleet commander, or have been told to give orders. That last op I went on before leaving for the foreign legion was a god damn gong show. I won't name names, but I heard upwards of 8 people giving orders, when only two should have been. Our op leader had his hands full, and didn't have time to tell each offender to fuck himself with a scythe.

Do not join the TS channel of an operation before actually joining the gang in the game, or you'll be suspected of spying.

When asking for a reinvite, or when someone asks a question such as "who is flying a tackling frigate?" never say "me." Many of us are either paying too much attention to the game window or have teamspeak minimized and can't see who's talking. And face it, we all sound like young male space virgins; telling each other apart by voice is nigh impossible.

Expanding on the above point, I would recommend putting eve in windowed mode, and leaving the teamspeak window up so the green lights beside everyone's names, and at least part of the names themselves, are visible. This way when someone talks, you can quickly see who it is if you aren't lagging too much.

Don't talk if you have downs. It's very painful to listen to someone go off on a tangent which has about 5% relevancy to the topic at hand, drawing each word out slowly as they search for the word "the" in their pitiful inbred vocabulary.

By no means is teamspeak a heavily policed thing where if you talk out of line you get beaten and kicked out of the corp, but you'll probably get yelled at and told to shut up. If you have something funny to say that you absolutely have to get out (this isn't a bad thing, it happens to me all the time), try to say it in corp, or gang if there's no immediate danger around.

Radio Communication Prowords

Prowords speed the handling of radio messages by abbreviating single word or phrases to replace common words, phrases, sentences, and even paragraphs. Among other things, knowing and using Prowords help to reduce radio traffic by performing radio transmissions efficiently.

We don't really use very many of these, and the people that really lay them on get laughed at because usually they're talking meaninglessly on teamspeak like they're some kind of e-space marine. The goal here is efficiency, not prefixing everything with your name and I SAY AGAINs.

Command Chat

When you're a regular member and Teamspeak is silent during an op, its probably because people are talking in Command chat, and you should probably shut up. If you're special and need to set it up, here's what to do:

1. Go to the Settings -> Key Settings menu.
2. Add a key setting. Select a key separate from your regular TS key, and bind it to "whisper and then "chan. com. in local channel". This will be the key you mash to talk to local command chat.
3. Add another one (I set this to shift + my command key. Bind this to "whisper" and "to all chan. commanders"
4. Hit okay, and assuming you've been made Channel Commander, go to the Self menu and select Channel Commander.

Channel Command Etiquette:

When speaking on these different channels, say "command" before speaking in your channel, and "global command" when speaking to all channel commanders. It is usually good practice to say your name as well, to save on confusion. Ex. "Command - Tad Ghostal - The enemy fleet has just warped to the 6-U gate." This way those on command know it was meant only for them, and who said it.

Teamspeak Display

Teamspeak Display is an addition to your HUD that allows you to see which whiny bitch is keying up without having to switch out of the game. Alternately, you can use Teamspeak Display. It functions in the same manner, but does not require a DirectX video hook and is easier to get up and running by default. It can be downloaded here[1].


Logitech G15 Keyboard

If you own one of these babies, you can be notified of who's talking, who was talking, and other less important things on the LCD panel.

Simply download and install G15_Teamspeak by Schmads and be the first one in the channel to yell at whoever was keying up.

Also check out SirReal's G15 plugin, it is quite nice.

Logitech Mice

If you have a Logitech mouse, you can use the MouseWare software to bind buttons on your mouse to keystrokes. For example, if you have two "cruise up/down" buttons, you can bind one of them to type an out-of-the-way key over on the right side of the keyboard.

Broadcasting Music over Teamspeak

Was always a terrible idea and why we'd ever tell you how to do something that's a Google search away is a mystery. Use Virtual Audio Cable, a male-male cable, or hold your speakers up to a mic if you must.


TSMate is a handy little tool that will aid in listening to music while on ops. It will automatically crank down your foobar or winamp volume when someone talks on TS. Allows you to rock the fuck out to phat jams and not miss orders. A similar program called TSChatter exists, but it's basically impossible to find.

Unless you use google or something. -Xipious Oash TSChatter

Phonespeex - TeamSpeak for iPhone/iPod

If you have an iPhone (or iPod 2G), you can use an app called Phonespeex that will let you connect to TS from work or the bathroom or wherever. If you are running the iPod, you can still listen in but you will need to get yourself an iPhone headphone/mic to talk back. - hammyhamm