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Querious Fight Club

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This is an official list of QFC managers

All QFC related business goes through these guys, not the diplomats.

QFC Management Team


  • Darkhawk Santiago


  • Arenthor Doran (EUTZ)
  • Lizzie Fox (USTZ)
  • Pari Shana (EUTZ)
  • Wulkans (USTZ)

QFC General Rules

All pilots will adhere to the following rules regarding activity in Querious:

  • Pilots may not use Querious as a staging point to attack sov structures.
  • Pilots may not interfere with QFC sov operations.
  • Pilots may not hinder alliance logistics in the region (i.e. attacking non-combat cynos). This in no way shape or form applies to personal or revenue generating logistics in any way.
  • Pilots may not cloaky camp systems (the region is for fighting not idling afk).
  • The QFC encompasses the following Systems.