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Overview Settings

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The overview is your quick access window to everything you are surrounded by while out in space. There are many ways to create filters to your liking but too much or too little information can render it useless in emergencies.

Most people make do with the defaults but they live in high sec and don't know any better. We need a bit more granularity to make it easier and quicker to respond, but first, we need to set a default overview which can act as our base to build further filters from.

Getting used to your overviews can be the difference between getting accurate information and asking why you've just woken up in your home station.

Getting To Your Overview Settings

You do not need to be undocked to edit your overview settings. Go to the escape menu and from the Shortcuts > Window tab look for "Overview Settings". Click the Edit Shortcut button. Press a key combination to assign to the overview settings window. CTRL+ALT+O is easy to remember and not used by any of the default shortcuts. Alternatively you can enter "/open overview settings" in any chat window.

Manually Editing The Default Overview Settings

Let's deal with the background colours on your overview as they are the most visible. You may want to use background flashing sparingly if at all. The important aspect of the filters is that they work from the top down, so whichever a pilot or object matches first will be the color you see.



In this instance a pilot with terrible standings who manages to join your fleet will be displayed with a red background and not a purple. Also allies of good and excellent standing will not have any background as the tick box has not been selected.

On to the Colortag settings these are the icons you will see in chat channels including Local.



As you can see all the checkmarks have been selected, but again the order works on a top down basis.

  • A corp member in our fleet with a security status of below five will be what color? Answer Purple. As it's the first criteria they meet from the top of the list.
  • A neutral in your fleet will also stand out as neutral is above fleet so meeting that criteria first.

Overview States

Now on to the most flexible and newest introductions to the overview settings menu. The States tab. This is a non-sortable list featuring three toggles Always Show, Filter Out and Show By Default.


A typical standard overview might look like the above image. In this overview only neutrals and hostiles will display while filtering out fleet, corp and allied pilots.


The final stage before saving is the Types Tab.

This is where you get down to the nitty gritty, so knowing what you want to see on your "main" overview will have to be decided on this page. For ease of use you can right click and Select/Deselect All for each category and fine tune it manually. It's quite funny being shot at by something you don't see and it only happens once if you're quick enough. If you're in the habit of running Havens or Sanctums that can bring in a Dreadnought you should remember to include this option from the entity group.

If you are uncertain tick the box and right click on objects and select "remove from overview" as and when you come across them.

  • You will want to select ALL THE SHIP TYPES from Ship - currently at 44 hull types - others are fighters and charges for your main overviews. You can filter selected ships for the specialist roles.


If you're happy save the current settings to a generic every day title, the author has saved it as PvP, but it's your overview.

Now a challenge. If you want to see wrecks that have been viewed or is empty, how would you go about it? The simple answer is to do the following.

  • In Tab Presets > States, select the bottom two entries to "Always Show"
  • Type in a new name from PvP to perhaps Wrecks, or Salvage, or whatever you want to refer to it and press the Save button.
  • You are done.

You now have two user created overviews one that displays wrecks and one that does not. Now create some tabs to put these overviews for easier access.

Creating Overview Tabs and Presets

Go to Overview Tabs on the Overview Settings

  • You do not need existing presets, just an overview of quick names you can click on and have a "default" profile to make for that tab.


The above image is an example with presets alreaady created, you can if you wish further granularise mining in to fewer ore types if you wish to speed up your mining activity from a friendly warp in point.

PvP Drones is a nice one for tackle or FYF activity if you have a few guns available but don't forget your main role.

Logi in this picture will only display friendlies in the overview but is only used for reference as fleet members are using broadcasts nice and early, but not too early.

  • This is achieved by switching the entries in the States tab to hide all neutrals, hostiles and diplaying positive and fleet members.

Columns Are The Keystone

Now you have a few profiles set up it would be a good idea to configure what columns you are going to want to see and in what order.

This is very much a personal preference and can even depend on the hull you are flying.

The entries can be moved to a higher or lower position as you wish.


You may want to include Angular Velocity which is the speed of the entity in the same measurement as the tracking of your turret weapons. If his is lower than your guns you should be able to hit them hard, alas the reverse is probably also true.

Choosing and Obtaining an overview pack

While it is quick to import overview settings it's better to learn to create your own so you know how the overview works. Getting a set and playing around with someones thought process can be a learning experience and beneficial so these selections are included for posterity.

  • Please reset your overview to default before importing overview packs

Rakapasers Overview Pack

Join the in-game "Rakapasers" channel and follow instructions in the Message of the Day (MOTD, automatic text that comes up when you join a channel).

Charlie Parker Sidrat's Overview

Not found on any mailing list or website, simply contact Sidrat Flush in game, eve mail or a forum message for a copy. He strongly urges you to edit to suit your own play style.

Zirio-Syundai Overview Pack

Spiritual successor to SaraShawa. Easy to use overview that works out of the box, but also has a ton of presets. Frequently updated. Join ingame channel or the mailing lists "Z-S Overview 2" to load the pack. (The original mailing list "Z-S Overview" is full.)

Changelog, screenshots and more:

Kismeteer's Overview Pack

This is a very simple, beginner friendly overview by a ex-goon, with 5 tabs, and only 5 presets. As it's so small, it's distributed in-game only.

Join the in game mailing list "kisover", and follow the instructions in the welcome mail. As long as you stay subscribed to the mailing list, you'll get an update mail with a new version shortly after CCP changes things again. Click the "Add Mailing List" button at the bottom of your evemail window.

SaraShawa Overview Pack

The Sarashawa Overview pack is back! The pack was not updated from April 2016 through 2017, but in March 2018 Oh Takashawa released version 10.0.

Originally maintained by Sarah Schnider of PonyWaffe, the much loved Sarah's Overview Pack was abandoned and left to rot until it was picked up by Oh Takashawa of Pandemic Legion. Distributed ingame as a set of shared presets, it can be obtained from the in-game channel SaraShawa-Overview or mailing list "Overview 2".

This is an extremely comprehensive overview, and as such is much more likely to break if you don't reset your overview first. Read the directions in the in-game channel carefully - you have to load the links in order for the pack to work correctly.

There are a huge number of presets in this pack - around 30 in all. You should always keep the warp out preset on the 5th tab and the fleet PvP preset on 2nd tab to prevent disorientation.


Your overview settings can help you not to report blue intel, or to miss the ship types of neutrals roaming around you. It can help you identify the ship types of your fleet members, but it can't give you everything all at once so break it down and use the tab features.