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Official Diplomats

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This is an Official List of Goonswarm Federation Diplomats

Only these individuals talk on behalf of the Goonswarm Federation Alliance and The Imperium. All others saying they are a diplomat of any kind are trying to scam you.


The Mittani - Alliance Executor

Mirana Bal'ari - Head Diplomat

Ralos Emiris - Diplomatic Director

'Twizzlespark Celes - Diplomatic Director

Merkelchen - Chief of Staff


Name Language Discord ID
Alfius Togra English alfius#4335
Alisanna English Alisanna#8177
Cameron Keikira English
Dirk Stetille English
Djan Sma English Djan Sma[CONDI]#4960
Ferritos English [GSF]ferritos#8497
Gir Mabata English Gir Mabata#0471
Louis Lafisques English/French
Naice Rucima English/French Naice Rucima#4635
Romulus Loches English Romulus Loches#8955
Shingly English
Zakurell0 Linda English/Chinese Zakrello#9467

Corporation application team

Corporation Recruitment in Goonswarm Federation is done via this team, not our diplomatic team. If you are unable to reach them via in game conversation please feel free to send them an in game mail.

  • Klavas
  • Sadus
  • Amir Tzash

Querious FightClub

QFC management team can be found here