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== Leadership ==
== Leadership ==
'''The Mittani'''
'''The Mittani''' - Alliance Executor and GoonWaffe CEO
Alliance Executor and GoonWaffe CEO
'''Mirana Bal'ari''' - Head Diplomat
'''Twizzlespark Celes''' - Diplomatic Director (English / Korean)
'''Mirana Bal'ari'''
'''Samahiel Sotken''' - Diplomatic Director
Head Diplomat
'''Merkelchen''' - Chief of Staff ''(Corporation recruitment into GSF goes through CoS, not diplomats)''
'''Twizzlespark Celes'''
Diplomatic Director (English / Korean)
'''Samahiel Sotken'''
Diplomatic Director

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This is an Official List of Goonswarm Federation Diplomats

Only these individuals talk on behalf of the Goonswarm Federation Alliance and The Imperium. All others saying they are a diplomat of any kind are trying to scam you.


The Mittani - Alliance Executor and GoonWaffe CEO

Mirana Bal'ari - Head Diplomat

Twizzlespark Celes - Diplomatic Director (English / Korean)

Samahiel Sotken - Diplomatic Director

Merkelchen - Chief of Staff (Corporation recruitment into GSF goes through CoS, not diplomats)


  • Arch Sera
  • Azure and Argent
  • Catelyn Jaynara (English / Spanish)
  • Darkwing Fiftytwo
  • Draghkar
  • Eve Omicron (Shingly)
  • Marzossis (English / Russian)
  • Merkelchen
  • Naice Rucima (English / French)
  • Ralos Emiris
  • Solfrann
  • Uncle Pilot
  • ZAKURELL0 LINDA (English / Chinese)