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Welcome to GSF and the Imperium

This wiki serves GSF and the entire Imperium community. Most of the content here requires that you be logged in to the forums. Any Imperium member can edit pages on this wiki, see the contributor's guide for how you can help. The getting started guide and registration information below and the official contacts to the right can be accessed by members of the general public.

Returning Player? Welcome Back! Read this article to find out WTF is up and what's changed.

Getting Started

If you are just starting out in EVE, or considering the game, the following publicly viewable guides will tell you what it's all about and help you through your first steps.

1. Read why we play EVE.
Read about the Backstory to EVE.
2. How to download EVE and sign-up for a trial account
3. For the love of god, run through the damn Tutorial!
4. How do skills work in EVE?
Recommended Skill Training Guide so you can be more effective.

Joining Goonwaffe (for members of Something Awful)

GF wings small bw.jpg
Members of the Something Awful forums and sponsorees should see Joining GoonWaffe 101 for detailed instructions on how to apply to GoonWaffe. Once your application has been accepted through the auth system and you have joined your character(s) to GoonWaffe, see I've Just Joined GoonSwarm, Now What? for your next steps.

Registering as part of a member corp

Bee goonfleet 96.png
If you've just joined as part of one of GSF's numerous member corps, you'll need to register for services so that you can see our wonderful forums, get mocked for your bad posting, and participate with us on fleets. After you've registered your characters with us, take a look at I've Just Joined GoonSwarm, Now What?

Registering as part of an Imperium Ally

If you've just joined an Imperium alliance, you'll want to go through Allied Registration so that you can access the forums and participate in coalition fleets.

Official Contacts

If you need to contact GSF or the Imperium regarding any official matter - such as standings, corporation/alliance level recruitment, or other issues, please see our list of Official Diplomats.


Basics.GIF Newbee Portal
Tips for getting started with GoonFleet - your guide to having fun and being useful in 0.0 space
Career.GIF Professions
Putting your skillpoints to good use - a guide to major combat roles; production and trade
Database.GIF GF Ships
A list of ships with recommended fittings and a guide to modules
Politics.GIF GF Politics
GoonFleet's place and history in EVE
Misc.GIF Miscellaneous
External software tips and other things that didn't fit elsewhere

Services Help

If you are having trouble accessing GSF services, see the GS_Help channel in game for assistance. Further information will be added to this space.

Things to do

See Goonwiki:Contributing for how you can help this wiki, and Goonwiki:Priorities for a list of high-priority projects.

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