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Getting Started: EVE for Complete Newbies

Welcome to the GoonSwarm Wiki. New to EVE? Use the publicly viewable guide below to learn more about the game and how you can get started, and any unanswered questions can be asked on the GoonSwarm Forums.

Before You Begin

1. Read why we play EVE.
Read about the Backstory to EVE.
2. How-to Download EVE and sign-up for a 14-day trial account
3. Basic Character Creation tips to make your experience in EVE better.
How-to make a pleasing Character Portrait.
Recommended Base Stat Builds for each Race.

Getting Started

4. For the Love of God, Run Through the damn Tutorial!
5. How do skills work in EVE?
Recommended Skill Training Guide so you can be more effective.
6. How-to become a Goon in space (i.e. Joining Goonswarm).
Read the Rules for GoonSwarm. Nothing terrible here.
I've Just Joined GoonSwarm, Now What?
Proceed to GoonSwarm Basic Training.
7. How do I pay for EVE, save money doing so, possibly play for free, and benefit the Swarm all at the same time?
Have a look at Switching to Timecodes.

Further your knowledge

Once authenticated for wiki & forum access visit the pages on the navigation menu to the right. They contain much information valuable for players of any experience level, from general game mechanics explanations to more advanced PvP strategies. If you thought about asking it in the game, there's a good chance it has been answered here already.

Quick Links: The Rules, Jump Bridges, Reimbursable Fittings, Overview Settings, Teamspeak, Squadrons, Eve Time Conversion, Maps, Dictionary, Agent Missions, Mining, Ratting & Complex Running, Exploration, Fleet Op Basics, Using the Killboard, UI Tips & Tricks | Who's Who in GoonSwarm, Political Relations, Refiners | Ships, Ammo, Drones, Modules, Skillbooks, Spreadsheets, GFSFM

Basics.GIF Newbee Portal
Tips for getting started with GoonFleet - your guide to having fun and being useful in 0.0 space
Career.GIF Professions
Putting your skillpoints to good use - a guide to major combat roles; production and trade
Database.GIF GF Ships
A list of ships with recommended fittings and a guide to modules
Politics.GIF GF Politics
GoonFleet's place and history in EVE
Misc.GIF Miscellaneous
External software tips and other things that didn't fit elsewhere