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Jabberlon 5 is a project to bring all leaders major powers in EVE Online together onto a common communications platform where conversations can take place outside of the normal public channels, without posturing or analysis by third parties.


Jabberlon 5 is based entirely in Jabber (this may shock some people given the name). To connect you will need a local Jabber client (like Pidgin for Windows/Linux, Adium for Mac or Gajim for Linux or for a larger list of Jabber clients please visit or use a Web-based Jabber client like Meebo (

To connect add a new Jabber connection to your client and complete the required information. While all clients are different the requested information is generally the same and can be broken down into the following:

  • Username - This is the account name provided to you (or your forum account name) all lower case with spaces and ' marks replaced by an underscore (_)
  • Password - This is the password that was provided to you (or your ESA password if you are a member).
  • Domain - This is the Jabberlon 5 domain
  • JID - This is your full Jabberlon 5 'Jabber ID' which is your username, for example
  • Resource - This is handle used to identify your machine. Jabber only allows 1 connection per JID + Resource to the server, so if you want to connect from multiple locations make sure each as a unique Resource.
  • Use TLS - TLS or Transport Layer Security is used to encrypt all traffic between your client and the Jabberlon 5 server. It is required and must be enabled if your client gives you the option. (Most modern clients default to TLS if available)
  • Use SSL - SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an older encryption method that is no longer used. You must make sure SSL is turned off if your client presents you with the option. (Most modern clients will not enable SSL).

Joining a Conference (Chat Room)

Joining a conference varies from client to client but in general there is a 'Join Chat' or similar option in one of the drop down menus for the client. For Pidgin you can to to Tools -> Room List for Gajim it's Actions -> Join Group Chat and for Adium it's Adium -> Join Chat Room

If you are prompted the conference server is

Neutral Space

Jabberlon 5 should be considered neutral territory. Like Vegas anything said in Jabberlon should remain in Jabberlon. In the interests of full disclosure please read the following carefully:

  • All connections to the Jabberlon 5 Jabber server are logged with the username and IP address of the person connecting. This information is only available to Solo Drakban and is only used for diagnostics, technical support and to mitigate abuse. It will not be shared with any other member of Jabberlon 5. If this concerns you then it's recommended that you look into a web service like Meebo that can mask your IP address.
  • Information on a conversation (who was speaking, how many messages were passed and how long the conversation lasted) is logged but the actual content of the conversation (what was said) is not. As with information on connections and IP these statistics are only available to Solo Drakban and are only used with diagnostics and technical support.
  • If you have concerns regarding Solo Drakban's access to this information and it being leaked just ask any Goonswarm Federation director about how hard it is to get information from Solo Drakban for Goonswarm itself where people are aware and consented to the release, never mind on a server where it's explicitly stated to be unreleasable.

Current Delegates

Name Alliance Corporation
Aareya Tactical Narcotics Team Freelance Economics Astrological resources
Christos Hendez Against All Authorities WAR.H
Dental Floss Black Legion
Edna Sputum Get Off My Lawn Blueprint Haus
Elo Knight Black Legion
Erittainvarma Polaris Syndicate
EX River Spacemonkey's Alliance
FlumZ Raiden. x13
Gorga Nulli Secunda Grim Determination
Gus Garlic Razor
Hawk Firebird Raiden. FINFL
Intergalaktor RAZOR Alliance DECAD
Jogyn Pandemic Legion North Eastern Swat
Kesper North Gentlemen's Agreement Gentlemen of Means
Lake Gentlemen's Agreement The Praxis Initiative
Lord Britalious Goodfellas
Mfume apocal Black Legion
Mister Vee Goonswarm Federation Magellanic ltg
Mo'Chuisle Executive Outcomes SUITS
Montolio Test Alliance Please Ignore Dreddit
MrRx7 RAZOR Alliance CEI
progodlegend Nulli Secunda 101st Space Marine Force
Raven Shadows Eternal Evocations Evocations of Shadow
RedShadow Evoke. Evoke
rob3r Test Alliance Please Ignore
Rydis Goonswarm Federation Amok.
Sage Eveo Controlled Chaos TROLL
Sessuale Romanian-Legion ROMAMANIA Renegades
Shadoo Pandemic Legion North Eastern Swat
Sion Kumitomo Goonswarm Federation GoonWaffe
Sister Bliss The Initiative. VANIS
Sort Dragon Northern Coalition. Resilience.
Tarkinius Fidelas Constans
Tek Enetheru Stain Empire XB
uaxdeath Legion of xXDeathXx XDSQX
Ugly Eric The Polaris Syndicate HYVT
Vile rat Goonswarm Federation GoonWaffe
Vince Draken Northern Coalition. DOOM.
Wibla Tactical Narcotics Team Alcatraz Inc.
Wicked Princess Black Legion Origin.
Wusti Convicted The New Era
xeovar stoner C0VEN C0VEN Holdings
Zagdul Fatal Ascension Shadowed Command

Current OTEC Delegates

Name Alliance
Weaselior GSF
Wibla TNT
Hand Fearless RAZOR
Shangpo GENTS
Ex Mcloven SMA
Muaza FA
Abdiel Kavash FCON
Drushalla Lawn
Mo'Chiusle EXE
Loose Bruce AIF
Darkos Nightmare TEST