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EVE's basic tutorial comes in two parts - opportunities and career agents.


Opportunities are the most basic tasks you'll use as the building blocks of your EVE career - how to pilot your ship, how to target, how to fire your weapons, and so on. These replaced the old tutorial with a more free-form system to encourage exploration. If you've just started the game for the first time, open your opportunities map and try to complete as much of it as possible as you are getting your bearings and working your way through the career agents. As you complete the basic tasks there, you'll be rewarded with a notification that you've succeeded in an opportunity.

Basic Tutorial for Opportunities

Career Agents

Career agents are the second, more lengthy part of the tutorial. They provide you with a guided tour of the basics of EVE, in the form of "missions", a small amount of ISK, and a basic selection of modules and skill books to get started on your EVE career. Though tedious, these will answer a lot of the questions you will have about the game and give you a taste of many aspects of game play so that you can begin to get a feel for what interests you. You can skip these if and when you make additional characters later, but they really are important to have a solid foundation of how to play the game.

The location of your career agents will be a few solar systems away from your starting system - the exact location depends on the choices made in character creation. One of the opportunities in your opportunities map will guide you to them, or you can find the location by clicking the help menu (pressing f12 will open the help menu) and choosing Career Agents.

So, in summary: DO THE TUTORIAL, and set aside a couple of hours if you can.

  1. Tutorial Tips
    • When they tell you to mine ~200 ore or whatever, head to another belt. You should be able to mine 30-50 ore in a minute or two.