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Using the User Interface

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Keyboard Shortcuts

See Keyboard Shortcuts

Helpful Hints

  • Ctrl + left-click = lock target in overview or in open space.
  • See that right arrow, next to the system name in the upper left? Left-clicking it is just like right-clicking in empty space. It's better though, because in busy systems you can get stuck right-clicking on moons and planets and shit. This might buy you valuable time when you need to go somewhere fast
  • Double-clicking a ship in the overview performs an "Approach." It used to open an information window containing both the shiptype and information about its pilot. This was very useful for reporting enemies, as you could just madly doubleclick them while you (or they) were warping away and read the details later (CCP :argh:).
  • If you use the "Try to Use Existing Info Window" option in the General tab of Settings, there appears a small « symbol if you navigate to a new info pane. This functions as a "Back" button. A "»" will appear after hitting "«" and you have to be a Class-A idiot to not understand what this may mean. You mouth-breather.
  • Left-click + drag a name (from chat) or a portrait (from chat window) to chat input box = create a link to that person's name. Choose the "show info" option when box pops up after dragging. Also works for items, click + drag an item into chat input box to create a link to that item that others can click on to see stats. Choose the "Link to show info item" option in the box that pops up for items. You can do this between windows, but not between tabs. Very useful to report enemies
  • Click "«" at the top of the neocon to minimize it.
  • You can dock and undock chat (and other) windows. You do this by clicking the chat tab you want to undock and moving it to wherever you want it to be in a new window. You can dock undocked chat windows by dragging the tab from one into the title bar area of another until the window you want to dock it to highlights white, then release and it becomes a tab in that window.
  • TAB will close all interface objects. Hitting it again will open them back up. Hold ctrl down and it works like windows' alt-tab, allowing you to cycle focus.
  • TAB will close the objects overview when no other window has focus. Hitting it twice will refresh the objects overview.
  • You can rearrange the weapon/module hotkeys in your hud. Next to your ships readout located at the bottom/center of the UI are the buttons used to activate mods. Simply click and drag them to a different slot. Example - If you'd like to use f1 for your afterburner instead of alt-f1 or ctrl-f1, just drag your afterburner button to the top section of the icons. You'll want to setup this before fighting.
  • You can reload your guns in space by right-clicking them. Also can use CTRL-R to reload all guns/turrets.
  • You can quickly remove any object, or object type from the Objects Overview. Simply right click on an object in the window and select "Remove Object"....that simple. This works in reverse for quickly adding certain item categories to the overview; right-click and "Add Object".Very useful remove overview-clutter you don't need in a certain situation.
  • With regard to wrecks and jettisoned cargo containers: you can rename a Wreck or Container from any viewable distance if you are the owner of it (if you got the killing blow on the NPC/Player that dropped it) and you can see who the current owner of the wreck/container is if you right click the object and select 'show info' there is a little pilot picture next to the picture of the object; click that to see their name.
  • SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+E - Will toggle "All Effects" on and off. Get better performance by turning this off.
  • SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+T - Will toggle "Turret Effects" on and off. Get better performance by turning this off.
  • SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+F12 - Will toggle "Sound" on and off. Get better performance by turning this off.

You'll want to turn this things off before jumping in a busy spot.

  • Drone Folders - Open your drones menu in space. (it's right below the objects overview) Highlight a specific type of drone, i.e. Hobgoblins, Right click on highlighted drone and select "create folder", name it Hobgoblins (or whatever type you chose). You now have a new folder to place a specific type of drone into. This means you can launch only the drone types you want without having to select them individually. Simply right click on that folder, and select "launch drones".
  • You can drag and drop a single drone or a group of drones, from your drones window, into a space to deploy them.
  • If you hover your cursor over a target icon (located upper-righthand side, next to objects overview) the camera will align to that particular target. It takes a few seconds, and isn't all that useful, however it can come in handy if you cannot find (see) a given target and need to align to it.
  • A bookmark/gang member on the same grid as you are can be warped to with out leaving the grid provided you are >150km from said bookmark/gang member. In the right-click menu extend the menu for the "bookmark" and click "approach." For gang members, right-click on them in a chat window, not in space.
  • Right clicking on your capacitor display, provides you with the same context menu you get when you right click on your ship.
  • Shift-Dragging an item in your hangar/cargo will open a dialog that lets you specify how many of that item you wish to drop when you hit OK.
  • When in space you can drag items from wrecks or cans directly onto the "open cargo hold" button on the left hand side of your ship HUD, instead of opening your cargohold and then dragging it in there.
  • Right-click on Channels and Mailing Lists and click on the Create/Join shortcut. Saves having to open a window, join, immediately close, especially in pound-me-in-the-ass lag.
  • In chat, ctrl + up/down arrow will cycle through text you have previously typed
  • Have a non-closable window in all of your chat window groups, so the close button (X) doesn't close them, but minimise them.
  • <Eko Smash> I just now discovered you can double click any where in a station setting (cept the interface area) and your cargo hold will open....been playing 9 months. HAHA NOT ANYMORE :CCP:

Managing Multiple Targets

It is possible to shoot at 2 targets at once. I didn't know this for about 3 weeks of playing. When you have multiple ships targeted, simply click on any one of them (the icons on the top of your screen, next to objects overview) to make them the active target. This is how you sic drones on frigates, while shooting battleships with your guns/missiles/pew-pew, for example. Or if you're packing 2 types of weapons i.e. Rails/Missiles, you can fire rails at the smaller weaker ships and send your missiles at the larger ones. This works well on missions when you have to kill multiple drones.

The Tactical Overlay

If you bring up the tactical overlay (little button to the left on your ship display) it will give you range markers and a straight line directional from your ship to the item selected (by clicking on it in space or in the overlay). That line can be useful when tracking covops or other cloaked ships: if you manage to select them, the line will persist and give you a bead on their location. The overlay will also show you optimal/maximum range spheres for weapons when you hover over them on your hud.

Known Bugs & Workarounds

Hang at "Loading Station"

This one seems to have appeared after the Kali release. The work around is as follows:

  • Hit Esc twice to get the game options screen
  • Open the "Display & Graphics" tab
  • Uncheck "Load Station Environment"
  • Click "Close Window"

This should cause the station to finish loading. once it has, go back and re-check the checkbox.

Newbie comments

If you do your first missions in empire while waiting to be accepted into GF, it doesn't really matter how clumsily you handle the UI. You'll notice however, that clicking around in space in order to target things to attack or fly to takes quite some time. In 0.0, you will not have this time.

  • You might need to escape quickly, the second you lose searching for a place to warp to spells doom.
  • You'll want to target the right things fast, and not something else.
  • Targeting and webbing gates is strongly encouraged.
  • You can't help your gang members if you can't react to their requests, which means they die and you're next.


The UI has many undocumented or sparsely documented features and functions. Experiment and take advantage of all that it has to offer. Players who are aware of all of the things that the UI offer do well for their effort.

Once you've mastered the basic UI elements, take your time to get used to the overview when there's nothing else to do and not when an op (or complex run) has already started. Mastering the overview makes the difference between being worthless and incredibly useful on any op.