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If you are a returning veteran answering the Horn of Goondor this is your process to get plugged back in.

Starting Out...

Start by getting in touch with a recruiter from your old Corporation. You can likely find your former corp's contacts and/or in-game public chat channel in their corp info page. If they are no longer a member of The Imperium or have since gone defunct then reach out to any friends you still may have hanging around or talk to any Member Corp as they have been warned to look out for returning Vets. If you have no idea what Corp to join then go to, sort by size and find somewhere that looks appealing to you. If you're returning and need to shake the dust off, the larger, more active corps will have more people available to help you out.

Do not be frustrated by the tech hurdles, they are the moat that keeps the pubbies out. Just get in touch with someone if you have any issues and we can sort it out. There is an ESI entry process (ESI has replaced the old API) and then a group reset to link you to your new corp.

Once you've joined your new corp in-game...

  1. Head to and log in with your forum credentials. The steps to add your accounts/pilots to this are detailed in the instructions. Ensure you've added a valid ESI key for your characters. The system will check this periodically to ensure you are in an Imperium member corporation in order to configure the correct forum and services permissions for you.


  2. Go to and pick the member corporation that you have recently joined as you are likely listed in the members or vacationer group. If you do not see your new corp on this page but you DO have your pilot(s) registered on our ESI page and you have a pilot in your new corp, wait a bit to see if ESI updates. If for whatever reason you receive a message saying you've been purged shortly after completing this step the ESI probably took a shit, simply do the same thing again. It can take a while for ESI information to pull across between the game and the forums, so please allow for up to 24 hours for everything to settle.

  3. If you need to set up access to Mumble and/or Jabber, you will need to visit This is where you setup an external services password for things like Mumble and Jabber. This is often a different password than your forum credentials. There are instructions linked on the ESA page and also in the wiki for each of these services if you have any problems.

Additional Information

  • If you struggle with any of this please head to the in game Eve chat channel little_bees or come by the Elysium channel in Jabber if you get that far.
  • Verify your location before you log in if you suspect/know that you are undocked in a big toy. If you are in hostile space, do not log in. Touch base with your corp leadership to discuss how to proceed.
  • When you get a chance, check out the doctrines subforum at to make sure you're prepped for the what we're currently flying.
  • Welcome back.