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Joining The Imperium

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Joining The Imperium

The Imperium is the coalition led by the Goonswarm Federation alliance. Nullsec-based, PvP-oriented.

Goonswarm Federation

Joining GoonWaffe

-Executor corporation of the Goonswarm Federation alliance.

Joining Ascendance

-New player friendly.

Joining BOVRIL

-Industry focused. 10M SP minimum.

Joining KarmaFleet

-New player friendly.

Joining Ned-Clan

-Dutch-language corporation.

The Bastion

Joining Freyja Syndicate

-Well-established corporation offering regular PvP in all 3 time zones.

The Initiative.

Joining AIR Corporation

-Mainly based in the UK/EU

Joining STK Scientific

-Experienced PvP/industrial corporation. 15M SP minimum.

Tactical Narcotics Team

Joining I N E X T R E M I S

-All time zones.

Get Off My Lawn

Joining Anoikis Outlaws

-Small group, EU time zone.

Joining German Efficiency

-Small group, EU/US TZ

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