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Joining KarmaFleet

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KarmaFleet is a member corporation of the Goonswarm Federation alliance within the Imperium coalition. Its members range from freshly-minted capsuleers to bittervets from the early days of EVE. A KarmaFleet member must attend three fleets over any 90-day period to meet the minimum activity requirement.

Applying to KarmaFleet

KarmaFleet has no skillpoint requirement and accepts Alpha (free-to-play) as well as Omega (subscribed with PLEX or payment) pilots.

Do you prefer videos to words? Watch this:

  1. Join "Public Karma" in-game and read the Message of the Day (MOTD, automatic text that comes up when you join a channel)
    Don't be afraid to speak up here, the recruitment team and outreach like to get to know applicants!
  2. Go to and click on "Join Today" at the upper right.
    1. Register all your characters across all accounts. All means all!
      If you no longer have access to an account, follow these instructions to recover lost accounts.
    2. Designate one of listed characters as primary using the drop-down on the left side and clicking "Set as Main".
    3. Create a new application with the green "Create New Application" button on the right side.
      Answer the questions appropriately -- low-effort applications will receive a low-effort response (best of luck in future endeavors somewhere else!) -- and submit your application.
    4. Once your application is in, keep an eye on your EVEMails in case the recruitment team has questions. You can also check the status of your application on the website in the "Active Applications" section.
      If you are EVEMailed by a recruiter, please respond as a reply to that EVEMail and not in Public Karma, private message, Discord or via smoke signal.

There is no in-game application for KarmaFleet; upon acceptance, you will be directly invited to join. In the meantime while your application is being processed, you can apply to join KarmaFleet University in-game. KarmaFleet University is an instant-invite corporation primarily operating in HiSec with no background check. Beats sitting around in an NPC corp or worse.

Please note that KarmaFleet University does not have positive standings to The Imperium. KFU membership does not grant access to external services or our forums and KFU members in Imperium space will be treated as hostile.

Do not biomass characters during the application process! This just makes the recruitment team wonder what you're hiding on those characters. Don't do it.

Application Status

Your application status may change a few times during the process.

Your application is new and the review process has not started.
In Progress
Your application is being reviewed.
Awaiting Response
Check your EVEMail for questions from the recruitment team.
Something is wrong. Return to the instructions above and make sure you follow them to the letter.
Best of luck to you wherever you end up going. Don't apply again, rejection is final. No information on reasons for rejection will be given.

Please do not ask how long your application will take to process. There is no estimated time as there are too many factors that may impact this. For more information on the subject, please see this helpful video.

What to do when accepted

Congratulations! You followed instructions! Depending on where you are, it may be a good idea to start heading out of empire space and toward Delve before accepting your in-game invitation. As soon as you join a corporation, you inherit all of their (and their associated alliance's) war declarations, making HiSec into a more dangerous place. Speak up in the Public Karma channel if you'd like some specific guidance on how to get to where we live -- depending on where you're coming in from, there may be some shortcuts you can take along the way.

If you have any items you would like to have brought down by our jump freighter service, move them to the trade hub stations of Jita Planet IV, Moon 4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant or Amarr VIII (Oris) Emperor Family Academy. Additional details on the newbie shipping offer can be found on the Imperial Transcontinental Logistics S-Mart thread.

Deathcloning (remotely setting your home to our staging structure) is one option -- you can only remotely set your home once per year but it will save you the trip. You'll need to accept the invite prior to deathcloning to staging; ask in corp chat for the specific structure.

If you choose to travel down to our space, fly something fast and preferably immune to warp disruption bubbles. Shuttles gained bubble immunity in May 2021 and are now a decent option for travel through nullsec as long as you can avoid taking damage. Smartbombers are another hazard to keep an eye out for; to mitigate this risk, warp to planets or other celestials between gates so you warp to the destination gate from unexpected angle.

At the edge of empire space closest to us, dock up and accept your in-game invitation. This is also a good opportunity to log out and back in so you will refresh your standings and see our friends as friendly. You may also choose to set the structure as your home just in case you run into an unfriendly gatecamp along the way. This will save you from having to restart the trip from your previous home.

When you accept your invitation, you will also receive an automatic EVEMail welcoming you to KarmaFleet with some additional advice and instructions. Take the opportunity to read it over as it may answer questions you didn't realize you even had.

Upon arrival and docking in our staging structure, be sure to set it as your new home by right-clicking the name of the structure in the top left. Join our new player help channel "Little_bees" in-game and start asking questions while you get oriented to Life In GoonSwarm.

Welcome home!


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