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Eve welcome back

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Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

Welcome back. Here is what you need to know about things that have changed in eve in the past few years, non-political version, in a semi-organized timeline based on when you left.. If you are resubbing a titan or super, please talk to important people before logging in for your first time!

Notable Changes

Ship Changes

  • Warp speeds were adjusted across the board. Bigger you are, slower you warp (and drop out of warp). Warp speed rigs are unironically A Thing. There are even low modules that speed up your warp! Be sure to check out warp speed implants, too: they’re pretty cheap and offer a substantial speed boost.

Capital Changes

  • Capitals radically shifted, massive carrier blobs now need support.
  • Jump fatigue, aka aids, prevents you from going too quick across the galaxy in caps.
  • Capital jump range has been nerfed to 5LY for all capitals except Jump Freighters at 10LY, Black Ops at 8 LY.
  • Fighters grew in size, can only do 10 now. You cannot warp if your fighter bay is overloaded! Talk to important people before logging in supers or titans for the first time!
  • Fighters changed into groups with the carrier changes. Carriers launch 3 groups of 9 fighters or support at a time, directly controlled, no longer assigned. Super Carriers launch 5 groups.

Sub Changes

  • Nestors now allow refitting in space, becoming the anchor of a deadly ball of machariels.
  • DSTs also have hella tank and a Fleet Maintenance Hangar. You can either lol your way out of a gate camp or create a nice killmail with lots of fit ships. Either way, you win!
  • The Svipul does damage like a BC, tanks like a BC, locks like an inty, goes as fast as a sabre, in the size of a destroyer, and they are everywhere. Think “Dramiel” from 5 years ago, but on cocaine and amphetamines.
  • Fleet interceptors can now warp through bubbles, warp faster, and are basically unkillable if you align faster than 2 seconds. Except for disco BS.
  • Ishtars got a bit of nerfing, so they are not the only doctrine people fly anymore.

Module Changes

  • Damage controls are now passive. All ships get 33% resists on hull without it. Officer and faction DCs have been added (This is obviously the most important thing). Also, the suitcase has a new icon.
  • Module names are constantly shifting to be easier for people to understand. Compact means it fits better, Enduring means it has a lower capacitor cost, Scoped means it has better range, for example.
  • Lots of tiericide, removal of unnecessary modules.
  • ECCM is no longer race-specific (but ECM still is) and is now a script for Sensor Boosters instead of a separate module.
  • Neuts and reps now have falloff, making positioning more important.
  • A super/titan webber was added called a Grappler; It only fits on battleship-sized and larger ships.
  • Improvements on ECM effects on you, shows everything, including missed jams, can hover to see who.
  • ECM no longer shuts off targeting completely; A jammed ship may still target its jammer.
  • Command Destroyers allow you to fit a Micro Jump Field Generator, a module that will teleport up to 25 subcaps within 6km of your ship 100km in the direction the command destroyer is aligned to at the time of the module activation. Any bombs, drones, fighters or bubbles within range will also be brought along.
  • Micro jump drives fit on Battleships, Battlecruisers, and Deep Space Transports jumping you 100km away in the direction you’re traveling if you're not hit with Scrambler or Warp Disruption Field Generator using a Focused Warp Scrambling Script. This action does not break locks!
  • Cynosural Field Generators may only be fit to Force Recons and Black Ops Battleships.
  • Industrial Cynosural Field Generators may be fit to Blockade Runners, Deep Space Transports, T1 industrials and Ventures as well, allowing Jump Freighters to jump to these beacons or Black Ops battleships to open bridges. Rorquals may not jump to industrial cynos, however.

Performance Changes

  • New hardware can support 4k people on grid, 2k on an unreinforced node.
  • Brain in a box is finally in, and allows you to dump more people into a system easily.
  • Better graphics, better AI.
  • Time dilation is a feature that makes the game go into “bullet time”--down to 10% normal speed--to allow the servers to keep up. It works pretty well.
  • Crimewatch was greatly simplified, and hence low sec got less laggy. You are either suspect or you are not suspect, making it easy to decide to shoot someone! Note, you must adjust your green, yellow, or red security safety to shoot someone in low or high sec.

Character and Account Changes

  • Alpha Clones are the new extended trial. Alphas can fly up to T1 battleships and have a limit on skills that can be trained. Alphas may train up to 5M skill points over time and inject up to 20M skill points.
  • Omega Clones are now the subscription/plex State, you gain 2x skill training and have no restrictions on skills or ships.
  • You can extract skill points from one character and inject them to another, meaning you can purchase skill points now. You can also now fund pvp ships by getting rid of all the terrible choices in skills you made, like mining or FC skills.
  • You can now buy skill injectors to inject SP. The amount of SP injected is dependent on your total SP: 500k for <5M, 400k 5M to 50M. 300k 50M to 80M, 150k 80M+
  • The EVE Portal 2019 mobile app (available on iOS and Android) allows you to manage your skill queue and even buy and inject most skills without logging into the game client.
  • Skill queue limit increased to 50 skills in queue with no total time restrictions. No more logging in required!
  • Skillbooks you don’t yet meet prereqs for can be injected.

Gameplay Changes

  • The base grid size has been increased from 250 km to 8,000 km. Some grids (like the Jita 4-4 CNAP undock) can be as large as 70k km. Grid-fu still works but is considerably less useful. No more broken grids.
  • Refining has been adjusted heavily, you can no longer completely recoup. Yield may be improved with skills, implants and a well-rigged structure.
  • A single wormhole system, Thera, got four stations. It's hella fun for nomads and is the widest system in Eve (342 AU across). No moons, no anchorable bubbles, eve-scout tracks where they open to.
  • Exploration actually gets profitable with decent cloaky ships able to solo sites and do the hacking stuff.
  • Improved tutorial was introduced. Press F12 and go to career agents for an introduction to various aspects of the game.
  • Mobile tractor units, mobile depots that allow refitting, mobile cyno inhibitors, they went nuts with new structures.

Sov Changes

  • Outposts and stations are being superseded by Citadels, Engineering Complexes and Refineries. These may be destroyed but, with Asset Safety, your ships and items may be reclaimed if you pay a fee. There is no asset safety in wormholes though! Outposts were removed June 5th, 2018 and converted into faction fortizars.
  • Fozzie sov moves away from Dominion style and towards ‘entosis’ing that you have to control a certain number of points, encouraging small gang combat etc. Alternately called “Benny Hill runabout” or “Whack-a-mole”.
  • Entosis links use a high slot and consume Strontium Clathrates. You need to do about 8 nodes at 10-50 minutes each to ‘win’ the entosis contest.
  • Occupancy matters. Ratting and mining make it harder to take your space.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Can share your overview, use someone shared overview in game. (PS, you need a new overview, use the Z-S Overview or Rakapasers. Get them from the ingame channels of the same name.)
  • New launcher allows you to do multiple clients without passwords on them. No more typing ‘dickbutte2010’ over and over.
  • Sensor overlay shows you anoms, your bookmarks in space (!), and other cool things.
  • Dscan on a keypress. Bookmark on a keypress. There are shortcut keys for a lot of new stuff!
  • Shared bookmark folders using access control lists for various permissions.
  • Camera improvements make it easy to see really far away. There’s even an RTS-type view that lets you zoom-to-cursor.
  • Multi-buy. Multi-sell. Instantly buy a ship and all fittings with two clicks. No joke. (Only buy contracts off blues, some relist with a 100mm plate instead of 1600 mm.)
  • CSPA charges are automatically set to 0. Cause you care.
  • Camera wobble can be turned off. Lots of other camera options.
  • Timers in the upper left-hand corner now show when your gate cloak runs out.
  • Wormhole polarization (a cooldown on making multiple jumps through the same wormhole in the same direction) is also shown with a radial timer around the wormhole.
  • Brackets were adjusted so you can see the difference between ships. They take a bit to learn.
  • New Map makes it harder to do some things, easier to do others. New Scanning map too for probes. No more use for Deep Space Probes.
  • Import/export ships into in-game fitting window from EFT/PYFA. Even less need to login.

Clone Changes

  • Install clones anywhere you can dock including high sec, no faction standings needed.
  • No more clone grades, losing a non-implanted clone costs you zip. There is a fee to install home clones or jump clones though: 100k isk for stations or, for player-built structures, the fee set by the structure owner.
  • You cannot repeatedly death clone to get around anymore. You have to physically be present to set your clone system. Once per year, you can remotely set it to one of your corp’s offices, so don’t waste it. You can set your clone to your ‘newbie’ system at any time.
  • To change your home station don’t bother using cloning services, right click the station or structure name and select "Set home station".

Misc Changes

  • There are new enemies, like drifters, that can kill carriers if aggressed. If you see a Circadian Seeker, ignore them. It’s a lore thing.
  • CREST has been replaced by the EVE Swagger Interface (ESI). This uses a Single Sign-On portal to grant access to various endpoints used by third-party applications.
  • Permanent ship skinning has become very easy, just costs plex or isk, only buy it once. Constantly expanding too.
  • You get kill marks for getting the final blow on piloted ships other than Corvettes, Capsules and Shuttles flown by characters outside of your corporation.
  • Wrecks’ HP has been significantly increased, the bigger the hull, the more HP.
  • You can pay for the game with in game currency. 500 PLEX (Pilot's License EXtension) may be redeemed for 1 month of game time.

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